The science of happiness

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We've spent years researching the science of wellbeing and happiness in children and adults. It is this research that led us to create myHappymind for Schools which is already impacting tens of thousands of children, their parents, and their teachers.

The success of this award- winning program led many parents to ask us, how can we teach myHappymind to our children at home?

This is why we created myHappymind for Families, a science-backed, fun and actionable program designed to help parents develop confident, resilient children with the self-esteem and tools to thrive.

The science of happiness

Hi, I'm Laura the creator of myHappymind

Here's a little bit about who I am and why I created myHappmind

I spent 15 years as a Global Head of Talent and Development, this basically meant I used to help CEO's and their teams to build resilience, character, and well-being with Universities like Harvard Business School.

When my son started school at age 4 having moved to the U.K. from Australia he really struggled with the transition and his school at the time offered little help and support.

So, I took it upon myself to research how I could help him.

I soon realised that much of what I had been teaching CEO's for years was what my little one needed; help with managing his emotions, forming relationships, feeling good about who he is rather than comparing himself the whole time.

So, I set about teaching him a series of healthy habits, grounded in the science of resilience and wellbeing and within 6 months he had a whole host of tools that were helping him to not just survive school but to thrive in school.

Any parent who has had challenging times with their little ones can relate to the worry and upset that this can cause. And, parents who've come out the other side will also know the feeling's of relief and elation that it brings. It was these feelings of pure elation that led me to quit my job (much to my husbands shock!) and create myHappymind. I want to help as many people feel the elation and pure joy of helping children to thrive as I possibly can.

I feel lucky to have discovered and built a practical and fun approach that helps children to develop confidence, resilience, and character. It is all based in science and research and I have spent years researching and learning all of the tools that we use.

I believe that every child deserves to be equipped with these healthy habits and so our mission at myHappymind is very simple:

To give today's children the skills to thrive in tomorrow's world.

I am proud to say we are already impacting over 50,000 children, their parents and teachers with the program and we look forward to adding you to our growing family!
Hi, I'm Laura the creator of myHappymind

myHappymind for Families

Our award winning formula will help you to:

  • Teach your children how their brains work and how to manage themselves in times of stress and worry through mindfulness techniques

  • Help your children to identify their unique character strengths so that they develop a deep sense of confidence and self-esteem

  • Build a culture of gratitude and appreciation in your home

  • Enable your children to build positive relationships, understand other perspectives and thrive

  • Teach your children the science of goal setting to enable them to become self starters who strive for their dreams

myHappymind for Families is structured over 2 key modules:

Module 1

Is totally focussed on teaching you the research-backed methods that are proven to positively impact our mental health. 

We have 2 key objectives in this module:

  1. To help you understand the science behind wellbeing and then put new, tangible habits into action for yourself. We do this through a combination of video tutorials and personal reflection, planning and action activities.
  2. To prepare you to teach your children this same science and give you the chance to reflect on where their focus areas might be.

Module 2

This is where you turn into teachers! Module 2 takes children through the same science that you have learned and allows you to engage in a fun curriculum with games & activities to help embed their understanding.

Then, the entire family will put into place habits and approaches to ensure the factors that lead to happiness become an active part of your family's daily life. 

You'll do this through a combination of lessons and fun family challenges that are sure to keep you all accountable and help you to connect and grow together. 

Are you ready to start creating a culture of wellbeing in your family?

Then come join the tens of thousands of others who have already benefited from our award winning system!

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How is the content delivered

We use many interactive activities to ensure the key concepts are understood and applied:

  • Interactive Lessons

    Our video lessons are short and sweet and combine a mix of animated content for the kids, reflection sessions and facilitated 'time to chat' sessions so that you get the most out of them.

  • Workbooks

    You'll receive a new workbook for every lesson and they help you and your family to stop and reflect and make a plan. They are beautifully designed and a fun way to keep note of what you have learnt.

  • Family challenges

    Each key lesson comes with a family challenge. These are fantastic and fun ways to get the whole family engaged in implementing the new habits that you have learned.

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