If you are a parent who cares about your children’s emotional and mental wellbeing...

...and you want to build their self esteem and resilience while remaining calm and having time for everything else you have to do then you already know that to do this you need to learn and understand the science-backed techniques that actually work.

Here’s what you might not know about building your child’s resilience and self esteem with a program like myHappymind for Families:

  • Significantly boost their confidence to try new things - with higher self-esteem your child will leap into new opportunities, want to explore new interests and they will no longer avoid difficult or new experiences for fear of getting something wrong.

  • Improve their results in school and beyond - developing resilience will allow them to reach new levels in their school work, relationships and activities so that you can see them thrive and become the best version of themselves.

  • Accelerate their ability to develop positive relationships - increased self-esteem allows your children to say no to the unhealthy friendships and yes to the ones that are based in kindness, fun, and support so that you no longer find yourself worrying about who their friends are and the choices they are making.

  • Seriously decrease your stress in the home - dealing with an anxious child or a child who lacks resilience and self-esteem can put huge pressure on your home life. With this system you’ll take a consistent approach so that your evenings can be free from arguments on how best to help your child and family time can be about creating precious memories and having fun.

  • Rapidly increase their happiness - self-esteem and resilience are the building blocks to emotional wellbeing and ultimately happiness. Once you instill this culture in your home you’ll no longer feel worried about whether you are doing the right thing - you’ll see for yourself that you are.

Perhaps in your most determined moments....

You’ve got started, you’ve ordered the books on Amazon, you've saved the Instagram quotes and you've read some blogs about how to build your child's' resilience.

Maybe you’ve even read some of the books and started to implement some of what you’ve learned. But as time has gone on and you haven't seen instant results, you've given up, you’ve lost hope and the momentum has gone.

And with the best intentions you’ve tried to speak to your partner and friends and family about the new approaches you are trying but as your child has continued to struggle and they’ve not really been on board you’ve slipped back into the zone of thinking about this but not taking action.

Here’s why most parents end up in exactly this spot.

Without a science-backed, proven strategy with step by step guidelines on exactly what to do and how to do it, it is so so easy to get overwhelmed, confused and quite honestly to give up trying.

When you combine the conflicting advice from schools, the media, your partner and your friends with the fact that you are busy, tired and overwhelmed with the pressure of how best to help your child, it’s no surprise that most parents end up thinking ‘perhaps this is just the way it is’ or, ‘maybe they’ll grow out of it.’

Here’s why this I believe this is exactly why you are here:

I believe you know, deep down that, you CAN help build your child's resilience and self-esteem, it’s why you keep searching for answers. It’s why you’ve ended up here in the first place. 

You know this because you’ve seen pockets of success with what you’ve tried and you ’ve seen glimmers of progress when your child has spent time with a particular teacher but none of these results have been sustainable.


Because you are not following a step by step approach that is focussed on building life long habits.

So you now have an opportunity to say goodbye to the overwhelm and to the stress and worry and say hello to a structured, tested and research-backed approach to building your child's self-esteem confidence and happiness once and for all. 

Just make sure that this time, you go all in and fully commit to building your child’s resilience and self-esteem.

1 - You need to first understand the science before you introduce the techniques

Underestimating the need to understand the science that impacts happiness before you start working with your child.

The truth is many parents go into this thinking they can just adopt one thing like buying a gratitude journal and everything will be solved. It’s not a surprise given the way the media keeps throwing solutions at us!

You try it for a few days or if you are disciplined a few weeks, you see a slight change but not as much as you’d hoped and then you drift away from using it and are soon back where you started. 

Once you build your knowledge and understanding of the science you’ll realise that having the impact you want to requires an inte approach not a piece meal one.

2 - I should be able to do this I’m a parent.

So many parents think that because they have children they SHOULD know HOW to help them develop their self esteem and resilience. That’s like saying because you have a car you don’t need to learn how to drive it - it is simply, not true.

Let’s look at this for a minute. Babies don’t come with a manual! Other than the mental-manual that you have which is formed based on your experiences as a child. 

But even if you did have perfect parents (which most people didn’t!) the support children need to cope with the reality of today’s world is different.

How on earth are you supposed to know about all the research and science that exists around creating happy children? It is no wonder that you’ve found yourself flicking between strategies and approaches - noone has give you the full picture, until now!

3 - You have to focus on character to build self esteem, not confidence.

You probably spend most of your time focussing on congratulating, treating and praising your child for what they can do, for what they achieve and for the results they get - am I right?

This is one of the most common mistakes parents make ….by focussing only on what they can do we are failing to build their self-esteem in a sustainable way. We have to focus on celebrating who they are and their character to develop their self esteem…

But the problem is that our society, schools, workplaces etc are geared to focussing on competence and not character and most of us don’t even know what are our own character strengths are, let alone our children!

So when you understand this, it opens up a whole new world in terms of how you support, develop and help your child. There is so much goodness to explore here!

4 - This won’t happen without some concerted action!

Did you think your child would learn how to be resilient, confident and happy at school? Or maybe you thought that your children would just pick all this up along the way….You are not alone, so many of our students felt this and this is why they didn’t take any real action.. Until they realised this wasn’t going to happen.

Will your children be exposed to experiences that will help them grow in these areas through school and other activities - well of course they will we learn so much through experiences. But they won’t learn it all.

This is the exact reason why schools buy myHappymind for Schools, they don’t have the resources, skills or time to teach this as part of their curriculum - they need external expertise to really make an impact. So do you.

myHappymind for Families

Your total system for building your child's resilience, self esteem and confidence

Building your child's resilience, self-esteem and confidence is the only way to truly impact their wellbeing and ultimately happiness.

When your child has a greater sense of wellbeing they will do better at school, in their relationships and anything they put their mind to.

myHappymind for Families, is a science-backed system designed to help you develop confident, resilient children with the self-esteem and tools to thrive.

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myHappymind for Families is right for you if your child...

  • Sometimes seems overly worried or anxious and you desperately want to help them to stay calm and feel confident in all that they do.

  • Isn't as resilient as they could be, they give up easily and are easily disappointed when things don't go their way.

  • Appears to have low self-esteem. They just don't have the confidence you'd like and you worry they aren't able to reach their potential because of it.

  • Struggles with friendships and you are aware that they can sometimes get swept along with the crowd rather than making their own choices. You want to encourage them to have positive friendships and know their own mind.

  • Has few interests and you are often nagging them to come away from the screen. You want them to set themselves goals and be excited about all they can achieve!

  • Is constantly wanting more 'stuff' and you just want them to appreciate the simple things in life and be grateful for all that they are, have and can be.

And maybe YOU feel like...

  • You and your partner just can't agree on the right way to support, discipline and nurture them and it results in constant tension and arguments!

    You want weekends and evenings to be easier, calmer and for you and your partner to feel more united!

  • Their school isn't able to help them. You've raised your concerns but it feels like they are not able to give your child the support and time that they need.

    They just don't seem to understand or know how to deal with the challenges your child is facing.

  • You recognise what a tough world our children are growing up in and you just want to equip them with a toolkit to thrive.

    Overwhelmed by all of the advice out there and just want a system that works and that is easy to integrate into every day life.

  • You've read all the books on parenting and vowed to do things differently but for whatever reason things just haven't changed.

    You feel totally overwhelmed by all of the advice out there and just want a system that works.

  • You recognise what a tough world our children are growing up in and you just want to equip them with a toolkit to thrive.

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How is the content delivered

We know how busy you are and so the whole program is designed to be done in 20 minutes or so a week. You'll receive lots of resources including...

  • Over 20 Interactive Lessons

    Our video lessons are short and sweet and combine a mix of animated content for the kids, reflection sessions and facilitated 'time to chat' sessions so that you get the most out of them.

  • Over 15 Workbooks

    You'll receive a new workbook for every lesson and they help you and your family to stop and reflect and make a plan. They are beautifully designed and a fun way to keep note of what you have learnt.

  • Family challenges

    Each key lesson comes with a family challenge. These are fantastic and fun ways to get the whole family engaged in implementing the new habits that you have learned.

  • Community

    Our Facebook community is a place where you can share your specific questions or concerns and request additional content and activities!

Want to see exactly what you get?

Click the play button above for a sneaky peak inside myHappymind for Families!

Program structure

myHappymind for Families is made up of 2 programs one for parents and one for children. Both programs contain the 5 modules below:

Parent Program

Is totally focussed on teaching YOU the research-backed methods that are proven to positively impact our resilience, self-esteem, happiness and ultimately mental health!

Children's Program

This is where you turn into teachers! Module 2 takes children through the same science that you have learned and allows you to engage in a fun curriculum with games & activities to help embed their understanding.

Module 1

Meet Your Brain

This first module is all focused on teaching your children how their brains work and how to manage themselves in times of stress and worry through mindfulness techniques.
Module 1

Module 2


Help your children to identify their unique character strengths so that they develop a deep sense of confidence and self-esteem.
Module 2

Module 3


Build a culture of gratitude and appreciation in your home.

So your children move from being obsessed with possessions to proactively noticing and appreciating themselves, relationship and the world around them.

Module 3

Module 4


Enable your children to build positive relationships, understand other perspectives and thrive
Module 4

Module 5


In this module your child will learn how to dream aspire and work toward meaningful goals with resilience.
Module 5

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Have questions?

Here are some of the questions others have asked before signing up

  • I am a super busy parent and I am worried I won't have time to do the work

    All of our lessons are short and sweet and usually, between 10-15 minutes each and we recommend you do 1-2 per week minimum. They can be easily slotted into your daily routine AND you can do them on the go as long as you have a WiFi connection. The habits that you will learn take between 2 - 5 minutes each to practice. So, if you really can't find 30 minutes a week to spend on the program, it may well not be for you.

  • I am not confident in teaching this topic to my own child. Will I be able to do it?

    We have intentionally structured the program so that you go through the program first to build your knowledge and confidence. By the time you get to the kids lessons you'll already have all of the knowledge you need to teach them. The kids lessons are structured in such a way that they are very simple and interactive so all of the content they need is in there and your role is to facilitate the conversation. We've tested the content on tens of thousands of children and we know it works.

  • I have lots of kids of different ages, how does that work?

    This is not a problem at all. The kids lessons are written in such a way that you can go into less or more detail depending on their age. Remember, you will learn a lot more detail in the Parent module than the kids will need and so you can scale up and down depending on the needs of everyone. We really believe the best approach is to do this as a family as this is the best way to embed the habits. We have families with kids raning from 4 to 12 and they've made it work. You will have all the content for life when you purchase so there is lots of chance to recap, review and reiterate if you need to.

  • How long will I have access to the content for?

    How does for life sound? We don't think it would be very fair to give you all this content for a limited time which is why when you subscribe to myHappymind for Families you do so for LIFE. This means you can go back to it whenever you need it and rest assured that even if you are super busy you have no time pressure to complete it.

  • What if I get stuck or need help once I get started?

    We see it as our mission to help you to be successful. That is why we will also give you access to our dedicated, private Facebook group so that you instantly become part of a community of like-minded parents. Our community is a place where you can ask questions, share feedback or frustrations and learn from others successes. We will be in there regularly waiting to help you.

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Here's what some of our customers say!

Julie Brown

We can get through tough moments now!

Julie Brown

OMG, my child just had a meltdown and I was able to calm them down in a supermarket as a result of using the breathing techniques we have learned. THANK YOU !
Emily Swanborough

Laura is on the journey with us, guiding us along the way

Emily Swanborough

I have now completed the parent modules and am starting to get my kids involved in the modules appropriate for them. I found the parent modules to be exactly what I was looking for.

Bite-sized sessions that I could complete in the sanctuary of my own home, at a time I wanted to.

The modules were very accessible, very logical and clearly grounded in science.

My role at work takes me in to contact with this type of content occasionally so I wasn’t entirely new to the topic however I have to say they were very well presented, putting a new, visual, spin on things in a way that I have found really easy to remember and therefore really easy to apply.

I have also loved the additional content Laura provides on Facebook (posts and Webinars), this is not a case of Laura leaving you to it once you have purchased the product, I get a real sense she is walking on this journey alongside me.

Jessica Knight

I don't know who will benefit more, me or the kids!

Jessica Knight

Wow, I was not expecting to have so many lightbulb moments even in just the first module!

I feel like everyone should know this science, especially how the brain works!

This has helped me understand why I get anxious and how I can manage that - I cannot wait to teach this to my children!

myHappymind for Families Program

Life time access to myHappymind and access to our private Facebook community. Choose the best payment plan for you!

MY 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

There really is nothing to lose!

We are so confident that this system will work for you and your family that if you do all the work and are not seeing results, we will refund you 100% of your money. So really, there is nothing to lose!
MY 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • You are dedicated to supporting your child/ children in developing resilience, confidence and wellbeing & giving them practical tools to thrive

  • You want to learn the latest science and psychology proven to lead to mental wellbeing

  • You are passionate about helping your child to uncover and celebrate their character strengths

  • You are willing to invest some time (30 minutes a week) in learning, developing and acquiring new tools to support your family

  • You know that your child would benefit from better understanding their own emotional responses and learn practical techniques to self regulate

  • There is opportunity for your children to learn how to get along with others who may be different to them and to build positive relationships

  • You know how important self esteem and confidence is and you are committed to building it in your children

  • You would like to see a greater sense of gratitude from your children for the simple things in life and for them to appreciate all that they are, have and can be

  • You are keen for your children to identify positive interests, to understand the power of goal setting and learn a simple approach to doing this

Hi, I'm Laura the creator of myHappymind

Here's a little bit about who I am and why I created myHappmind

I spent 15 years as a Global Head of Talent and Development, this basically meant I used to help CEO's and their teams to build resilience, character, and well-being with Universities like Harvard Business School.

When my son started school at age 4 having moved to the U.K. from Australia he really struggled with the transition and his school at the time offered little help and support.

So, I took it upon myself to research how I could help him.

I soon realised that much of what I had been teaching CEO's for years was what my little one needed; help with managing his emotions, forming relationships, feeling good about who he is rather than comparing himself the whole time.

So, I set about teaching him a series of healthy habits, grounded in the science of resilience and wellbeing and within 6 months he had a whole host of tools that were helping him to not just survive school but to thrive in school.

Any parent who has had challenging times with their little ones can relate to the worry and upset that this can cause. And, parents who've come out the other side will also know the feeling's of relief and elation that it brings. It was these feelings of pure elation that led me to quit my job (much to my husbands shock!) and create myHappymind. I want to help as many people feel the elation and pure joy of helping children to thrive as I possibly can.

I feel lucky to have discovered and built a practical and fun approach that helps children to develop confidence, resilience, and character. It is all based in science and research and I have spent years researching and learning all of the tools that we use.

I believe that every child deserves to be equipped with these healthy habits and so our mission at myHappymind is very simple:

To give today's children the skills to thrive in tomorrow's world.

I am proud to say we are already impacting over 50,000 children, their parents and teachers with the program and we look forward to adding you to our growing family!
Hi, I'm Laura the creator of myHappymind

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