I'm Laura the creator of myHappymind

We created myHappymind for Early

Years because we believe all children deserve to learn the tools to thrive from the earliest ages.

Based on leading science and the latest research this program enables you to bring a fully developed framework and curriculum into your setting.

We also provide detailed support to parents and a very special online, self-paced program for your staff called 'myHappymind for You'.

Take a look around and get in touch if you have questions. You can get instant access within a couple of clicks.


A subscription to myHappymind for Early Years includes 2 fantastic programs

One for the children and for the staff:

myHappymind for Early Years

Program Overview

myHappymind for Early years is delivered via our learning portal. When you subscribe you'll get instant access to all of the online resources which include, lesson guides, animated stories, parent packs and lots of activities and resources. We will also send you a box of goodies with physical story books and other goodies to bring the program to life.
myHappymind for Early Years

myHappymind for You

We believe that staff wellbeing is just as important as child wellbeing

Exclusively for teachers and staff at myHappymind schools and nurseries, myHappymind for you is an award-winning self-development experience. This online, self paced program allows staff to develop their understanding of the factors that impact their wellbeing and to develop positive habits to help them thrive.
myHappymind for You

We are already supporting award winning nursery chains

And have been featured in:

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myHappymind for Early Years Learning Approach

We all know that storytelling and play are critical for learning in the Early Years. That's why all of our modules start with a story. We'll send you physical books along with other goodies when you sign up!
myHappymind for Early Years Learning Approach

myHappymind is a modern solution to a complex issue

Our approach is unique and designed to get results

  • Super easy content delivery

    All of our teaching content is delivered to you instantly! Our online program means there is no prep time, it is super easy to teach and you can access anywhere and any time!

  • We support staff and parents too!

    We know that happy staff = happy children. That is why you will receive access to 'myHappymind for You' for all of your staff. This online program helps staff understand their own wellbeing and teaches them new habits to enhance it. We include this for every staff member at no extra cost!

  • Leading Science and Research

    The entire myHappymind curriculum is built on leading scientific research. Rest assured the habits you'll be teaching get results!

Pricing options

We make it affordable and practical for you to sign up to myHappymind. These prices are per setting and for a 12 month subscription. Please do get in touch if you have multiple settings.

Still wondering if myHappymind for Early Years is for You?

If you answer yes to the following questions, we know you'll be right at home in the myHappymind family!

  • You are passionate about preventing mental ill health by teaching children proactive strategies

  • You are committed to a whole setting culture around happiness and wellbeing and can commit 10 minutes a day to developing habits

  • You believe in investing in your staff and want to promote a culture of wellbeing in your setting

  • You want to help to provide parents with practical resources that they can use at home to support their child's learning

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Got questions?

Here are some questions others have asked us before joining

  • How long do the lessons take to teach?

    We have structured the program in such a way that the myHappymind program is delivered in short sessions of 2 - 10 minutes. This is to ensure that you can easily integrate it into existing practices and routines within your setting.

  • How does myHappymind for You work? Do we need to do it all together at work?

    No. myHappymind for You has been designed to be taken whenever and wherever it makes most sense for your staff. We know that reflecting on your own wellbeing can be a private topic and so staff can access the program from the privacy of their own home as and when it suits them.

  • How many people can access the learning portal?

    We will give you as many log in details as you have staff. We do ask that only employed staff members use the portal but we are happy to set up as many staff as you need us to.

  • We are a group of nurseries, do you offer a discount?

    Yes. The cost is £499 per setting per year but if you have multiple settings we can look at a discount. Just contact us to discuss your needs.

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